eAYSO is optimized for the following Web browsers:
1. Internet Explorer versions 7, 8, and 9
2. Firefox versions 3, 3.5, and 3.6
3. Safari versions 4 and 5.
If you are using an older version of a Web browser we strongly suggest that you upgrade. This will make your computer safer and able to use all of the features found in eAYSO. (For a complete listing of all versions of these supported Web browsers visit the list at the bottom of this page.)
We know of the following challenges with particular versions of Web browsers:
1. Internet Explorer version 6 is considered unsafe and is not supported by eASYO. Everyone from Google to Microsoft themselves encourage users of this browser to immediately upgrade.
2. eAYSO has not been fully tested with Firefox version 4 yet.Once the results are known we can determine whether or not it will be a supported Web browser.
3. Google Chrome, any version, is not supported by eAYSO.
Complete list of Supported Web browsers:
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